Music: Original Score and Bands

Original Score

Composer: Elton Bradman
Elton Bradman – composer, sound design

Elton is a Bay Area-based musician/wordsmith born and educated in Florida; raised in ashrams in Tennessee, Los Angeles, and northern India; and molded in San Francisco and New York City. His resumé includes theatrical music/sound design (Marin Theatre Company, California Shakespeare Theater, Geffen Theatre), music journalism (Rolling Stone, Vibe, Guitar World, Bass Player), a Grammy nomination, as well as live bass, percussion, and drum gigs on five continents.

Composer: Chris Flanagan
Chris Flanagan – composer

Chris has over twenty-five years of experience as a musician, director, and music producer. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, Chris has toured the United States and the world as a drummer in bands such as Fifteen and Life At These Speeds. Having come up in the industry via the Art Department, he currently directs and produces commercials, works on Life At These Speeds’ next album, and is in the early writing stages of his first feature.


Damani “Phesto Dee” ThompsonDamani “Phesto Dee” Thompson
Hieroglyphics and Souls of Mischief Mc/Producer.
Band: DeathlistDeathlist
“…goth-tinged, post-punk dreamscapes of blunt drum machines, throbbing bass and sharp guitars…” – Relix
Band: GRLwoodGRLwood
“…rambunctious, woeful, precarious, apocalyptic, and horny…” – James Dellasala
Band: RosebloodRoseblood
“…beautiful and melancholic, full of the passion and vitality Foster is known for.” – The Deli Magazine
Band: SpelllingSpellling
“…full of space, subtlety, texture, and detail. Cabral’s looped guitar delicately spirals through each composition, and her voice is intimate and possessed of both clarity and soul…” – Jes Skolnik
Band: Sun Hop FatSun Hop Fat
“…blends the rhythms of traditional American funk and jazz with harmonies and melodies from East Africa. The result is an up-tempo groove machine that borrows harmonies from the Middle East.” – DJ Kevvy Kev